Simple And Flexible CMS For Website Development

DotNetNuke is a powerful open source content management system built using Microsoft technologies. The DotNetNuke web content management system is extensible and customizable through the use of skins, modules, data providers, language packs and templates. It is easy to use for administrator as well as normal users. It has enormous power to create and run a great professional website. Users love DotNetNuke because they can easily add/edit their own content without any technical know how.

DotNetNuke development is the first preference for administrators for website development because of its ease to administer. The invigorating set of tools in DotNetNuke Module Development lets you build vibrant websites. The information in such sites is interactive and data-driven.

As the information is contained in file or database, it changes automatically. For the content which needs to be updated frequently or is of dynamic nature, like Publishing of blogs, displaying current affairs, chat system, date, time, weather forecast and other similar stuff, the first intellectual choice in CMS would be DNN, by which such dynamic content can be easily managed on your website using DotNetNuke tools.

DotNetNuke allows one to take control of their web content and the requirement of asking the web designer to update a page again and again is phased out. Hence it’s evident that if one goes for DNN Module Development, he can fasten the updating process on website for which otherwise he has to wait for several weeks, depending upon the designer. DotNetNuke has built-in tools to create the most complex content management systems.

Moreover, many options of extending and customizing the site are also available. With DNN development, modifications at all levels are possible with the portals, starting from basic elements like font type, color, and bullet points, to overall aesthetics of the website. New skins and module can be easily applied to the site with no impact on content.

Daffodil has a rich resource pool and for Offshore DotNetNuke Development, our team is highly skilled with a rich proven past experience. Daffodil provides a wide range of services in DotNetNuke development, leveraging its deep expertise in DNN technologies. Our DNN Development services encompass Web Development using DotNetNuke, DotNetNuke module development, Porting Migration to DNN platform, Customization and Enhancement in DNN portals and applications, Testing & QA of DNN portals and applications and DNN Product Licensing.

DNN Module Development

A large variety of functions can be performed by DotNetNuke’s modules which are out-of-the-box. However, some things have to be done from scratch and it cannot be avoided. Either you need a DotNetNuke module that works exactly like you want it to work for you, or you have an idea of DNN module that hasn’t been developed yet; our DNN Developer have developed a large number of custom DotNetNuke modules, starting from small and simple to large and complex.

Advantages of using DotNetNuke

* Easy to install and host* Fully scalable and extensible* Constantly evolving through real world trial* Manageable and efficient* Highly customizable* Emphasis on security* Changes can be made to portals at all levels

Designing a New Website? Explore Joomla!

Designing a website was never so easy- thanks to the latest Web 2.0 technologies, which are capable of supporting of any form of custom website development. Once a website is developed, the biggest challenge is to manage content effectively so as to enhance the aesthetics as well as the functioning of your newly established web portal. Gone are the days when you had to depend on colossal HTML files or RDBMS programming to manage content on your website. With the advent of content management systems like Joomla, managing and publishing content has become a matter of few minutes. Content management was never so facile.Speaking of Joomla, content management features offered by this CMS are unparalleled. Of all the CMS available in the market, Joomla precedes all, in terms of user-friendly features and SEO-friendly functionaries. Whether you have a corporate website or an online magazine or newspaper, CMS is capable of supporting all your requisites. The popularity of this CMS can be mapped from the fact that big names such as Harvard University, MTV Network and Outdoor Photographer are using to it to support their online presence. A reason that largely contributes to such immense acceptance of Joomla is that it is open source software, which means it is free to download and use.

Considering Joomla for your next content driven website is an intelligent move. As you deploy this CMS as the support system for your website, there are several benefits that you can reap. The biggest advantage of using a CMS like Joomla is that you can effectively organize all forms of content including images, videos, audio clips and text, even if you don’t have any prior technical knowledge. Once the programming is complete, you have access to various functionalities at your fingertips. All you have to do is to Hire Joomla Developers , who can tailor custom Joomla applications as per your business requisites. Once you have your own business portal live, you can effectively manage content in a step by step and strategically devised manner.

The best part about using Joomla CMS is that it is free to use for everyone under the GNU/GPL license. Moreover, if you built your site using Joomla, you get a room to benefit from the experiences of other users and Joomla developers.

Joomla is a combination of PHP and MySQL, and utilizes the positives of both languages to manage content in an effective manner. PHP is open source side server scripting language that can be used to develop interactive and dynamic web pages. MySQL is also open source database programming language that is available free for use under the GPL license.

Its offers something to both- advanced users as well as pro developers. Using Joomla means you can expand your creative horizons and give your programming skills a push. A Joomla framework lets you design customized content management system for e-commerce systems, integrated content management systems, data analysis tools, custom product catalogs, communication devices and reservation systems. You get the advantage of customized libraries that are a result of exhaustive efforts of Joomla developers worldwide. Joomla makes complex tasks simplified.

Custom CMS Design Services by EBriks

In the speedy business environment one must have a website which is up-to-date in the data, have latest news, products, services, gives customers ideas about the business and also helps in their forming an idea about your business. CMS design services by EBriks takes care of all the factors. These make the challenges that websites face much easier. CMS web design has become very popular with the website owners as they can update the website content when required. It also helps them in publishing content on the web in an attractive and advanced format. By choosing a CMS design by Ebriks for your website, you can change the images, videos, text and look of the website as per the needs and specifications. One can upload multimedia, pdf files and can control the activities of visitors without the help of developers are some exceptional features of this service.

CMS is a boon for those individuals who want to update their website on a daily basis and do not want to engage their web designers for the task. For blog owners, CMS gives individuals facilities to control the content. In the initial stage it is installed by a web designer and individuals who are a little computer savvy can later operate them easily. With little training an individual can very easily update his website or blog and need not call the assistance of a web designer. Data can be anything- from movies, documents, pictures, phone numbers and many more. Addition of matter, removal of matter and even updating of text and images can be done effectively with the CMS.

When new matter is given in the website or blog, more traffic will be attracted to his website in the form of visitors. This will increase the ranking of the blog on the search engines. This requires minimum effort from the individual. Maintaining and organizing the content of the blog or website can be done effectively with the help of CMS.

Therefore CMS design services by Ebriks are helpful to the website owners and also is very easy to maintain. The simplicity and easy method of the CMS design services provided by EBriks is one of the most dominant reasons behind their rising popularity in recent times among individuals who have websites of their own.

PSD to HTML Conversion and Its Significance

The role of designs and images are very important in the web development. Designs can enhance the overall look of the website and make it appear rich. The websites also look interactive. Web developers create and edit the designs in the format of the PSD files. These PSD files are quite bulky and are not web browser friendly. Hence, the PSD to HTML conversion process is very important in the web development process. HTML has a markup format and is described as the language of the web browsers. Hence, it is very important for the development of various web development applications.

There are several advantages to converting the PSD files to the suitable HTML format. The websites renders in a reliable manner and so the online audience does not face any issue in viewing the websites or navigating through the web pages. The converting to HTML also ensures strict and correct coding and so the overall quality of the website also improves. Proper coding is also extremely important to ensure that the websites support the search engine crawlers effectively. The online users can easily access the websites and so the popularity of the websites also grows significantly.

Another essential process in the web development is the conversion of Joomla from PSD. Used in the development of a wide variety of web applications from simple to complex, Joomla is a very powerful content management solution. There are several advantages of using Joomla is that it allows the developers to custom design the web solutions to suit the requirements and specifications put forward by the clients. It allows them to plan and develop web applications that have an organized layout. Thus, the web applications improve in the visual presentation, and thus they can draw the attention of the online audience in a better manner.

WordPress is another platform that enables the development of websites with effective and reliable content management system. With this instrument, the developers can modify, edit, update, and delete the content efficiently. Converting from PSD to WordPress is very user friendly and can be used in creating websites as varied as personal blogs to business websites. It also offers different templates and designs, which are used to create innovative and interesting websites. Another main benefit of implementing WordPress is that it enables the websites to be SEO compatible. Therefore, the web applications can earn high ranks in the result listings of the search engines. Thus, the websites grow in popularity, which is very important for its growth and success.