Does Web 2.0 Make a Difference in Your Organization?

If your organization has yet to embrace web 2.0, then chances are you do not have an internal communication and collaboration portal. Frankly, you may not be totally convinced that your company can benefit from better communication and collaboration tools and cannot see where the ROI would be.

This article is directed at the skeptics among us, those who feel that social media does not belong in the workplace. I would like to show you several ways that the Point Dynamics Enterprise CMS content and document management system can be used to improve communication and foster collaboration in your organization. Forget the Web 2.0 moniker…think how improving communication and collaboration within your organization can improve the productivity of your workforce.

Point Dynamics Enterprise CMS provides a web based document management system which can be accessed from anywhere in the world that your website can be accessed. You can apply an existing workflow schema to your documents or create one of your own. Our Project Workflow Alerts component will allow teams to collaborate without phone calls, emails and other unnecessary communications about changes to documents and folders. Role-based security ensures that documents on your website are safe and that employees have easy access whether they are working at home or located in another country.

Communication is a two-way street and Point Dynamics Enterprise CMS provides tools to push news, policies, financial statements etc. down to employees, as well as ways for employees to share ideas and give feedback.

Our suite of tools will help you to add, categorize and target internal news items to specific groups within the organization, or to the entire and other levels of management can use Blogs to create a back and forth with employees throughout the company.

Our Message Boards and Frequently Asked Questions can be implemented internally and externally for Help Desks and Project Teams. Message Boards and Frequently Asked Questions can also be implemented to solicit feedback from employees, or as a departmental communication tool (documents , pictures, videos can be attached to messages).

Point Dynamics Enterprise CMS has a Survey component which can be used to involve your employees in continuous improvement programs; dynamically post survey results and then act on the published findings. Surveys can also be created to gather external feedback from customers or business partners.

I had a manager once who took a picture of every new employee and saved it in a notebook along with a note about the employee. We’ve made this easier to do with the Data Rotator and Image Gallery portal components which can also be used to feature employees of the month, new employees, promotions or as a part of your online employee directory.

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